Friday, December 11, 2009

Shady Like Grady....Revisited..

Shady business going down!! my catch phrase? it's Shady like Grady.

But we're Taking Care of Business like back in the days..rolling up listening to Isley Brothers whose that lady?

Up in the hooptie the track up are my Curtis Mayfield joints.

What will the scoop be? bringing breakbeat science..who plays the field? one that society anoints.

Real deal like Holyfield!!! mind plays reruns of disappointing episodes...over and over.

The real deal? I build on positive episodes..rebuking the hostile takeover.

The real deal? no need for a hot style makeover..what it do? ...what's up with Wall Street? it is what it is.

The real deal? seeing the world and my place in it realistically it is what it is.

The real skill? mechanical collar style manufacturing.

Clearing a path through the Babylon wilderness....others they're capturing.

Might even be Rapturing others with a drone.. ...might have to step off like Tiger Woods..

Sick with it..called themselves slick with it...Shady Like Grady..economy on the upswing? please..things are still tight in these hoods..

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