Monday, December 28, 2009

The Hot Messenger Revisits..

they said I was a hot mess..just call me the hot messenger

On the First Coast down in the Jax..a brotha couldn't was like little homie on the airliner...I could see some are up to no good.

What's really going on? the shady transaction was going down over in Edgewood.

That's a hood thing!!! from the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando to the trail of tears through the Midwest.

Now Indians are buying back their own wasn't a good thing..they were put to the ultimate test..

Not a good thing!! processes are set up to make us fail..bringing irrational fears..the by product of the stress.

Not a hood thing? please!! this is a natural the hot messenger brings another hot mess..

How will I conduct myself in this mess? governing myself accordingly.

So what's up? I'm looking for escape routes..intergalactic..moving through other galaxies.
So what's up? I'm back down on earth...Taking It Back To The Basics...dropping Street Funk...rolling down I-75 or I-95 exposing fallacies.

....Or Rolling down Memorial Drive in Decatur.kept my eye on a hater...meanwhile dials and buttons hit by punishment gluttons get everybody in trouble.

They are satisfied..misery loves the stress will double.

Scoping things out like a hubble telescope..trying to see what it do in your neck of the woods.

Word from Al Roker..what's the forecast? will there be any respect in these hoods?

A foul joker said they had the goods and services..but they were price gouging.

Gamblers are out for a fast buck..capers out in Las Vegas lounging.

One who rambles off at the mouth is dealt with..just fake ones bungee jumping..they land on the ground face first.

I shake shady ones off!! they bring a case of the scenario that's the worst.

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