Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Collateral Damage....Revisited..

Some are just collateral damage...they got hit up!! while they were in the zone of discovery.

They wonder how did we manage...God blessed us!! but haters stressed us...were in the midst of disaster recovery.

The podcast will blast!! a brotha will be doing it!! once again it's on.

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! what it do? seeing how some are living...others are plotting and scheming..while we're up in the danger zone.

Spotted the stranger on the phone...a enemy agent..he called in the coordinates.

Haters were GPS tracking..but dude in the A-Town said he was macking!! plus he had subordinates.

....Said he was in shape!!! eating Subs like Jared...but not a starter..a sub...the sport gets ugly sometimes.

Meanwhile a brotha is hunting and gathering!!! putting work in..a veteran in the game, now coaching..but still will get charged with some crimes.

Haters were putting us down in cartel we're approaching's blowing some minds.

Like the we unleash Sonic Assaults..on those poaching off my livestock at The Ponderosa..setting it off with their crimes.

Were on it!!! Transmitting Live!! rocking the universe..scientist found our planet..just another earth?

Was the formula found? Who delays our arrival knocking the hustle so what's it all worth?

The situation is critical!! we're in survival mode!! refusing to be collateral damage.

Rebuking the hostile takeover!! knowing the trilateral commission would do damage.

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