Monday, November 30, 2009

Distracted...But Now Maintaining Focus..

Maintaining's easy for us to get distracted.

Pain was introduced by the bogus...couldn't be at ease when I interacted.

Player player was seduced by the daughter of chaos..but he acted like he knew.

Himalayas are thawing out? scientist deduced it..had the theory ..acting like they knew?

Prayers are said by this breakbeat scientist...knowing God is in control..the ultimate intelligent design.

Work is put in...My mind stays busy!! intuition working overtime.

Imformation overload? ignored the ignorant so called overlord.

Street code followed? no Cut Dog!! dude dipped in a Honda Accord.

Discrete mode followed? please! Detroit was swallowed by the machine..whose collateral damage?

Delete mode followed? soon extinct..not in the league of distinguished gentleman..but we'll manage.

Whose caught out there? coming through black holes.. fronted like they were distinct..intrigue was introduced by the middleman.

They had me distracted for a minute! but I was able to solve the riddle man!

In it to win it..even though I'm in the middle of all the Mass Konfusion.

Haters tried to throw me under the bus like they try to do Obama! but this brotha is all about winning not losing.

Choosing to take the assignment..check the embellishment.

Maintaining focus..rebuking the hostile takeover by the establishment.

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