Saturday, November 28, 2009

From Back In The Day..But Not Back In The Way

Home girl had the Angela Davis the flaired polyester pants.

Big homie rocked the afro, dark shades on like Stevie, plus the double knit polyester Chavez & Ahmadinejad...he's making demands.

O-Zone understands I see my folk roll up in the Fleetwood Brougham.

Flashback Festival style! A-Town's whatcha know man?

O-Dog has the disco inferno..meanwhile The Bluelights in the basement house party or strobe lights flash!! MD 20 20 flowing.

Flashbacks from the LSD get the best of Adam Lambert it's showing.

Hash brought back from Afghanistan along with opium..calculate the profits.

Put the weed back! peep the visual metaphors of my thoughts!! feedback from these prophets.

Crashed back on earth! just left the International Space Station ...part of an Intergalactic journey...whose receptive?

Some are irrational...noticed gamblers were out for a fast buck...mad deceptive.

Hashed out plots and schemes..out in mainstreams of mathematics.

Meanwhile I flow down streams of consciousness avoiding fanatics.

Behavior was erratic..reigns of terror were buried in the smoke and mirrors.

Rain showers are light, heavy, sometimes it's just partly cloudy ..different scenarios.

Mind cloudy..but scattered thoughts are collected..selected randomly.

Karmic repercussions studied like Rose Royce did love abandon me?

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