Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Trapped..But Will Get Free and Stay Free

Still trapped behind enemy lines...dealing with nephelococcygia..said it's Utopia...where everybody wants to be the chief.

Who got pimp slapped? didn't fall in their searching for relief.

Plans get scrapped..what's popping? what's the haps? .spiritual warfare frontline business deceived some...perpetrated by wannabe power brokers.

What it do? what it does? at the end of the day some front on mine...we're dealing with jokers.

What it do? the so called player player was making it rain out in Atlanta at Strokers.

Others say prayers due to the weather forecast..oh was Al Roker's.

Foul jokers say whatever..but O-Dog is the master blaster..just trying to survive in Babylon.

Taking Care of business..moving a High Velocity..heard fanatics with the rhetoric as they babble on.

O-Dog is chopping and cutting tracks up..mechanical engineering takes place.

O-Zone is chopping game's all the same up in churches, the hood, corporations and government..wrong time..wrong place.

We stay armed and and rhymes? we've got plenty!!.prepared to rebuke the hostile takeover.

It's got to be good! but in danger zones..not just in the it undergoes a makeover.

The break is over? back to work..I Couldn't Quit! even though it looks bad for the home team.

In another realm Hannity, Boortz, Rush and Savage represent their home team.

We found a seem..once trapped, but now slipping through the cracks.

O-Zone has the Good Word, O-Dog is slipping through with funky tracks.

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