Monday, November 2, 2009

Train Of Thought PT.3 we continue to run off the tracks..........

Damn the system is moving slow!!!..they said help is on the way..but were caught up in the red tape.

The information highway is clogged like I-285 in Atlanta or 101 in the Bay Area..trying to take it to the bridge...just trying to escape.

On clipboards? entries and exits are logged by the security guard.

The Situation Is Critical..Boards of directors jogged memories. money made..but insecurities leave some scarred.

Enemy defectors played it like The Eagles against the Giants..jogged around the entity's headquarters...exercising.

Error correctors shake up the chain of some it's surprising.

Plots and schemes some are devising..affecting the food chain... Hector, Abdul, Patel and Jamal are on it.

A fool likes the pain...punishment gluttons...the sword they fall on it.

A lawyer here in the A-Town said one call that's all!!! said he's on it!! but the penal system will await.

Our ear shattering gunshots exploded..after old dude fumbled to get to the 38.

But I stay devoted...down for the I ignore the distractions.

This world is full of hate ... can spot it during the interactions.

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