Sunday, November 1, 2009

Train Of Thought PT.2

.............still running off the tracks..........

Ducking diving or shucking and jiving..peeped the strategies.

Surviving in peeps are full of that and these.

What were some on? man please! they were in the thick of it.

Back in the day old dude told me...there's a trick to it.

But also told not to trick to it...that's going against the street code.

The Good Word is powerful like Typhoons in the Philippines..truth be told...but everytime you see me I'm in discrete mode.

Reached the threshold...some will stop fronting....whose trying to delete the mode of least resistance?

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch...the charade is over for some..It's Over Now.. but we're making a difference.

Funky fresh in the flesh...even though like Pakistan..this district is under siege.

Breakbeat science is what we response when haters beseech.

Trying to reach us...quid quo pro was the offer.. checked my aura ..that's not an option listed.

Reality will teach us God is in control....when the drama is revisited.

Eventually we get the gist of it...but some souls are lost due to collateral damage.

Who demanded this and that? provided a list of this and that..'s torn up..the cost was determined...I can't manage.

Now stranded in lands where we earned them...what? wages of sin.

Reality checks are issued..with blood sweat and tears..the currency they're using.

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