Saturday, November 21, 2009

All Up In The Spot...Concepts Are Revisited..

The dice are rolled behind the liquor store...hood Las Vegas...scratch off tickets litter the ground.

Knowledege dropped by old dude with the 38..a don't stop get it getter..amongst empty green Newport cartons, empty Olde English bottles and old condoms ...what else was found?

Shotters hunt for blood clotters...step on crack heads shooters ...meanwhile aura looters control the perimeter.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded..blotters from city papers tell the story like whats up with ya?

Blood clotters even ask a bro what's up? please..just talking out the side of their's crazy.

Bloods, Crips and Disciples all up in the others will make it hot...please it's crazy!

Hoods are tight due to the economy..the response to me? sideways glances.

It's like Wood, Tiger plays it..sometimes below par for the course..making advances.

For goods and services haters raise the bar..of course it'll be a bit messy.

Life is like called perfectionist are ignored...some even try to say I don't know what's up...trying to stress me.

As we fight back...using Diplomatic Immunity..that's how we work it.

Weapons formed against us didn't work...the conglomerate? they couldn't hurt it.

Missions aborted, adjusted,admitted..they didn't work..can't say it didn't hurt..but I Couldn't Quit..lessons are learned.

Ugly is how the sport will get trust me on that..structures burned.

As the world turned..we we're out in space..spacewalking..the roof was on fire from the disco inferno.

Some souls burned..playing with the devil in Dantes inferno.

CDs are burned in the's the Big Bang Theory like the Hadron Collider...otherwise listening to Reflection Eternal like I was up in Cincinnatti.

On I-71 on the way back to Louisville..cruising like I was Frank Nitti.

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