Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ice Cold

Ice cold like trays in the freezer of the old school ice box.

Listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104 on Saturday...or Coldplay up in the hooptie..up next? Freeway the Philly freeza..the brotha O-Dog rocks.

O-Zone? a brotha plays it like this and that..on the I-75 freeway in the A-Town..a brotha's rolling.

Sometimes having it like that..due to Gods will..there should be no doubts about it..the universe he's controlling.

Some of us don't have it like this and like that on earth.barely making it...not anointed as the next one.

We proceed and continue to fight that..the problem? ..a simple one turns into a complex one.

The menu? we come right with that! O-Zone is a chef up in soul's kitchen.

The menu? brand new funk..soul food..just what the soul's missing.

Not acting brand new! I've been this way..but they say something is missing.

Please! I was cut from a different cloth..I have a different vision.

Set your eyes on the's on the stove..mixed with broth in the melting pot.

By product from soaking in the November Scorpio Sun a brotha plays it..all up in the spot.

Armchair quarterbacks spotted...all in the spot..believe they can call plays because they're good playing John Madden.

Usually spotted up in cube farms..wearing Van Heusen shirts..Levi's khakis and a pair of Steve Maddens.

That's what happens when your that water found on the moon.

Maybe thawing out due to the global warming Al Gore mentioned..or when you go see the King..halleluyah...soon and very soon...

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