Sunday, November 15, 2009

Playing Point Guard...

....................we kept on running.......

Keeping my eye on the shot clock..trying to run it all the way down.

Playing point guard....beyond Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo..what it do? what about Brandon Jennings? This Is How It's Going Down..

First responders bring the Haz-Mat team with them..said this is Hazardous Material...but O-Dog was throwing down...

What's the response to a bro? It's a lie they say!!! just like Going Rogue?...what's spoken...saying O-Dog didn't rock on the podcast!!! please!! we play the sound.

Usually of the funky variety..we're keeping our priorities straight.

Haters talk junk..trying to lie to me and you...trying to run things..legislate.

Read the doctrine and covenant that's full of hate..but they said it's all love.

Rocking them with the Sonic Assault!! knowing that blessings come from above.

Whose knocking them? our hustles...hell is caught..haters play it like NBA big men.. push and shove in the paint.

Knocking them down!!! three pointers..hitting layups...but it's rough out there..sometimes showing restraint.

Knocked by the system...they didn't anoint us! we prayed up in this piece!!

How was we living? or rather how were we living? corrections are made up in this piece.

....By English teachers..meanwhile preachers say connections need to be made..pray for peace and it'll come.

We Couldn't Quit...please...we kept on running..Broken beats and broken english are enhanced by the O-Dog drum.

All of us are struggling!!! dealing with something!! the game didn't stop.

Roles O-Dog is juggling...what it do? what's popping?..Going In....Slipping Through The Cracks...dropping house,jazz, funk and hitting you up with hip hop.

Soul is the main ingredient...a brotha is Out need for a launch..cosmic slop from this intergalactic brotha.

Soul is protected..not feeding the apparatus...they can't stop this brotha.

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