Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Still All Up In The Spot..

Just your friendly neighborhood burglar...but only moments are stolen.

Other burglars steal materials or auras..until their pockets are swollen.

Who'll work with us? emotions shown..terrors! horrors! ill circumstances.

Some collaborated with the enemy..acting like they know me..but I spotted the sideways glances.

O-Dog and O-Zone collaborate..roofs burn during the dances, the disco inferno.

Dealing with hate from external innuendo that's leading to conflicts internal.

Who'll work with a bro? please.. Pharoah wont let my people go!! some are held hostage like in Somalia...restrictions lifted for some in Sri Lanka..either's ugly.

Who'll work with a bro? please the O-Dog funk will stank..but some are mad at me..I didn't bow down to drama royalty.

All up in the spot! no loyalty was shown...rummage sales occur..others slept with the enemy.

All up in the spot! some talk out the side of their neck.. evil crept..but there's no hostile takeover of this entity.

Winds of change are blowing...will the breezes be friendly or will there be damage?

Some will resist change..they'll be left behind or get changed by the apparatus.

Heard the bang bang!! ear shattering gunshots's out of control.

The big bang theory was studied like the hadron collider..meanwhile others think they are riders of the storm like The Doors...but God is in control.

Beats bang on the podcast! hip hop, soul, jazz, funk and house.

Streets are wide from Iran, Iraq to Little Rock..all up in the spot..all up in the house.

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