Friday, November 20, 2009

Still Waters

Still waters run deep like the Four Tops..I'm either spaced out ignoring the alarms..or I'm down on the bottom of the ocean's floor.

Underwater like mortgages we creep...others can't fathom..what's in your wallet? what's your credit score?

Underwater aqua boogie!!! never learned to swim like Sir Nose? Parliament Funkadelic type of action.

Some come hotter..some come up they overcompensated..I checked the action.

Injuries are self compensation from insurance companies.

That's how they kicked it..all about a purity..everybody's hands are dirty..misery set up companies.

Security is getting messy..actually it's been this way.

Spotted armchair quarterbacks..huddled up..ready to run this or that play.

What a day! the shadetree mechanic cuddles up with the daughter of chaos..Oh No!!

Schooled by a fanatic..were in trouble man! take a loss? Oh No!

Accused of being a Trouble Man like Marvin Gaye's album.

Down in the hood..saw me rolling with I must be a foul one.

What's good I was asked? this is word from O-Zone..told them I had a sack full.

Off in a zone..soaked up game from jazz festivals in Cincinnatti to Louisville at a tractor pull.

Midwest funk! a track full! a brotha jazzs it up, houses you and also hip hops.

Underground..underwater..still waters run the Four Tops.

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