Friday, November 13, 2009

lost their damn minds..........

a terrible thing to waste.........

They were losing their damn minds!...and they wanted me to get lost too.

Others were chasing one of a kind love affairs like The Spinners ...what will it cost you?

Big pimping back in the day..I fronted and...flossed too! now I play it like Les McCann.

Trying to make it real compared to truth game ..somebody might understand.

Bearing witness...knowing the deal with the Bobby Blue Bland.

Knowing the deal..some will play it the other way..meanwhile O-Zone is low key..quiet is kept..playing it like a Blue Man.

From that Blue Man Group in was hard to recoup..haters fake us.

Not a new man...still the same old me..knew the scoop..not swerving ...I knew where the brake was.

Diplomatic Immunity was used.. man, I'm out of the loop...not where the fake was or were..purposely.

Dipped back to the community..bear witness to what a sense of purpose will be.

Some tried to skip steps..a jokers process was worthless..a waste of time.

That's what it have caught me dreaming a waste of mind?

That's what they said it was..a terrible old school negro college fund commercials.

A terrible thing..caught up in a smoke and mirrors rehearsals.

A terrible thing...terrorist trials move to New York?.. no reversals by supreme courts or tribunals.

A terrible thing? no help from trilateral commisions..acting brand new with us.

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