Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Up In The Spot...It's A Hood Thing PT.6

.....nobody was checking for me...that might be a good thing......

Nobodys checking for me....left hanging..played like the old clothes on a line.

Disrespecting was hard to get them open...they had a closed mind.

Hardhat with the lantern on top the spot I was shown scorn..haters closed the mine ..but I open it back up.

Salt? gold? truth be told...from Saturn or Pluto...avoiding the space junk..but haters talk junk back on earth...they should back up.

Po Po calls for back up...ear shattering gunshots exploded..the crowd scattered.

Po Po dispursing the crowd that gathered..for freedom you'll get bruised and battered.

In another realm the cartel gathered ...reimbursement not an I collect thoughts that are scattered.

Adding my two cents..pennies for my thoughts..based on what really mattered.

Hopes and dreams shattered..gear torn and tattered..but still funky fresh in the flesh.

Old school bakery like Colonial or Rainbo..batches that we come with will be fresh.
One man's trash is another man's treasure..reality enlightens.

One man's pleasure can be another man's nightmare..soon he clashs with titans.

Nobody was checking for me..they were smoking was exciting to them...they said it was straight fron Thailand.

Disrespecting me..ego tripping after shooting up on heroin..straight from Afghanistan.

Power tripping..power rangers riding through the Babylon wilderness.

Friends and strangers by Ronnie Laws played up in the hooptie.. Incognegro..nobody was checking for this.

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