Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Train Of Thought..

.................running off the tracks.............

Train of thought derailed...spilling out hazardous material.

Hell is caught..not just going down on Halloween Night..even the Haz-Mat team is present...but what we have is spiritual.

Battles are fought everywhere..not just here on earth...we're with you...others are out there with me but don't remember..I'm usually spaced out.

Based on lessons taught.did you see what it do? some front..they won't act like they knew..spotted when joints are cased out.

The caper goes down....frauds perpetrated...some dipped in limousines...I raced out of the spot in the Chevy Impala.

The vehicle was damaged..but the paper chase is on!! will throw down..others will get fouler.

The Android user crime stopper toll free number dialer threw salt up in it.

Helicopters fly in the Iraq and Afghanistan..Al Roker might have talked about it.

Weather forecasting...Typhoons hit the Philippines..inclement weather report like Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter?

Where did we spot you? in the middle of the storm?..out were just off the shelter after you crossed the border.

Even said it's not you that enjoys the helter skelter..but I thought otherwise.

Did my train of thought run off the tracks dealing with the wise and otherwise?

Pain felt by some.. caught a bad one..slipped on the thin ice they were skating on.

Rain felt out in the middle of the storm..I was the one society is hating on.

Train of thought derailed...but I wasn't waiting on back up.

Diplomatic Immunity is invoked...had to fall back..I fell but I got back up.

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