Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conflict Of Interest PT.3

.........stranded on earth...but a Pluto resident....

Once again it's on...we're all up in the spot..might even say it's a hood thing.

Adding my two cents...conditions were harsh..even dipping back to the community.. but it's a good thing.

Rebuking The Hostile Takeover...knowing Diplomatic immunity would bring blessings to us regardless.

No hot style makeover from Oprah...this is what it heart is in this.

All up in the heart of this...B.E.T Awards in Atlanta..some are down here swerving..

Whose a part of this and that conspiracy that's confirmed?..the scene I'm observing...

Meanwhile we're working it all collar style..mechanical with it...but Intergalactic with it...just got's a conflict of interest..

Even as I cruise down Candler Road in Decatur Georgia....I'm seeing how hard it is.

Whose part of this and that conspiracy? some rebuke the hostile takeover..times are any means necessary..trying to take it back to the Reagan Years.

In the background I hear Tupac....dude in the Cut-Dog playing so many tears.

Another dude was rolling through in a deuce and a quarter...from years ago... listening to Maze and Frankie Beverly...Before I Let Go.

O-Zone...a Midwest representative...just crossed the border into Georgia...knowing how some of these jokers were gonna be...from the get go.

They were watching me...said they're on to me... player player style!! like I was from Detroit.

Now down here on Glenwood Rd at the convenience store casino with Vegas style slot machines..trying to make my point.

Message In The Music...trying to make my point..rocking the funky joint like Poor Righteous Teachers.. based on what reality teachs us.

Not knocking the hustle of corporate Atlanta preachers...prosperity is the message one preaches us.

Tires screech on the hooptie after the caper was pulled ..big homie tried to dip.

His road dog got caught with cash, product, three cell phones and packages he was trying to flip.

Tires screech...even Soulja Boy tried to get away but dipped caught up in the spot..

Drama is minor compared to Pakistan..understand..Al Gore said it was gonna get hot...

Conflicts of Interest...all up in the's like a sweatbox..

Conflict Of Interest when we come with this?.what it do? .O-Zone had the Good Word...O-Dog rocks..

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