Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.2

.........scattered thoughts are collected

Haters roll what's up? I ran a background check like a patrolman.

Yellow submarines like Beatles?..discreet is not how some roll..listening to Cypress they can just kill a man...

Rolling up in the Camry...listening to J up is Strong Arm Steady & lib on a Mad Lib track..

Hold up!!! wait a minute!! man...I tell's like Sam and Dave..were Soul Men..we've got the knack..

Some are losing control.. man...they should fall back...I see dudes with braids swinging around like divas.

How are they trying to roll? man please..real rastafarians think it's blashemy ...images are damaging to the true believers.

Peeped game...heads up for the nefarious ones...and their conspiracy deceiving the masses.

Various ones use the by any means necessary theory..disrespecting Malcolm...understand these seminars and classes.

Discussions about freedom are not arbitrary..but a foul one asks for a meeting.

With percussions and the good word we free some from bondage..the response to this is like the lodge..some are sweating.

Some are having shotgun weddings..concussions suffered by some..history repeating? because some were confused about things?

Excuse them..they thought it was payday..what do you say? is it just the evolution of things?

Sense of purposes? some are all about victories are claimed...what a shame.

Work with this a brotha!!!! now coaching...based on being a veteran in the game.

Armageddon cold players start melting... old girl said she's ready....license plate on front of the Cadillac Sedan Deville said she's cruising with Jesus.

Industrial Strength..Mechanical Engineering...loathing and fearing dealt with...using the funk and this thesis.

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