Friday, October 2, 2009

Shady Like Grady...The Concept Is Revisited

........shady like grady..but not homie from sanford & son...

The whole game is shady like grady ...strangers roll up..what can you say to me? I'm not trying to get caught up.

Pops schooled me... said the system would play me...that's how I was brought up.

How was I brought up? in the hood...not tricking...even if I had it I wouldn't.

What's brought up? just the knowledge I'm kicking..some thought I would be like Obama in Denmark..coming up short...putting it down..others thought I couldn't.

No wouldn't..couldn't..shouldn' this point just going for what I know.

Out here in the Babylon Wilderness....unlike some to play the hunter gatherer role.

Taking care of business.....all up in the house...with house, funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul.

Breakbeat Science we get gangsta or scientific with it.

Parallel dimension dweller..others played that role in other realms..contradicting it?

Branches in heaven..roots in hell....pass or fail? in this world ..that I have a conflict with.

Stairway To Heaven like the O-Jays or Led Zeppelin...intelligent design or evolution?...issues contradicted..

Almost knocked out by glitches in the ran by zombies or surrogates gone bad..I blast back with the Sonic Assault.

It's a reaction to the negative reaction...all the hell thats caught.

Chi-Town caught off guard..meanwhile dealing with reality? lessons are taught..

Meanwhile...were still on the frontlines...dealing with those who are shady like grady..but not like others...staying clear headed when battles are fought..

Things almost came to a screeching..Kojak and the boys rolled up on the spot.

A brotha was face down on the ground accused of a bank robbery ...things got hot.

All up in the spot... visions of Louisville not always good...due to harsh conditioning.

It gets way too real so we stay praying... God were petitioning.

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