Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest PT.4

...........dude fumbled to get to the 38........

The A-Town is a melting pot...chilling with Patel....Abdul and even Hector.

Even spotted the old school player Willie...original A-Town representative..not acting tentative..rolling in the stankin Lincoln...what's he on? what will the deal be? dark shades on in this sector.

Playing that Ray Charles look.....72 years old..deacon in the church..but the hood says he's a crook..the Detroit style....wearing linen suits and gators.

Players say it's off the hook down here in the A-Town!! Escalades and Navigators are rolling!! but wannabe macks and divas turn to haters.

Drama goes down...old dude was still selling product...straight from go sideways..he fumbled to get to the 38 in his pocket...old school..these days folks carry choppers and glocks..

Blasting missiles off like Iran...or even North Korea..even O-Dog is armed and dangerous..breakbeats a brotha rocks..

Prayers also have us slipping through....when ill issue debaters bring drama.

Players of the funk unite...O-Dog is going in..slipping through with tracks..slipping through the cracks.. bringing the funk...that's word from a brotha.

Flipping this Good Word..that's what O-Zone does...all the way live.. that's how I'm Transmitting.

From down here on the A-Town Pakistan...what it do?..even to the Congo: I spotted history repeating.

Then I spotted others...defeating the purpose...a conflict of interest.

Spotted some...contracts are they trying to work this? some said they're deleting my they can stop me from coming with this.

Playing this like a bank...but these reality checks are coming with interest.

The funk will stank...cashing checks and making sound's no conflict of interest.

Thanks given to the Lord for blessing us...karmic repercussions can be rough on us.

No lack of interest!! whose bringing the Good Word and percussions?'s us.

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