Monday, October 26, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest PT.6's like this and like that...

This dude stays busy...I had to laugh ...they thought I was distracted...on the laptop..or I was fast asleep.

They saw me bounce through with the limp...didn't know I had the the boom bap bop...said I'm acting fast...when I creep.

Sounds like a contradiction to me...a conflict of interest.

What it do? some come through with fiction and non fiction...I show a lack of interest.

Beauty..ugly..conflict of interest...matters of you living?

A brotha will be staying the lab building rockets...with plans to rock it..the universe.. doing it....all up in this and that dominion.

Didn't like the way things are going down..get played like a clown..deception is's evident.

The gauntlet some are throwing benevolence its evident.

Who fronted and flaunted?..throwing down like Gemini..the other side of the game revealed.

Confronted by the daughter of's all game so I chilled.

Studied the big bang and chaos theories..knowledge instilled in a bro.

Bloodied and bruised egos take a loss... not knowing how to deal with a bro.

Some studied the steelo.. but it was hard to come to a conclusion.

They're mad at a Negro..because I wasnt on the one with the mass konfusion.

Using the drum and the piano..sending messages in the songs..figure the cipher Out.

Staying busy..dealing with this and that scenario..staying strong going all out.

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