Monday, October 12, 2009

Word From The Hot Messenger

...they said I was a hot mess...just call me the hot messenger...

Laying Low in a police state..things have tightened up.

But this is not Archie Bell from Houston Texas...this is Brotha O in the A-Town...that's what's up.

All up in the heart of it..caught up in a flash flood....dude fell off..I've seen a brotha take a fall down here in Georgia!!

Told them don't even start it...this is not the promised land!! it's just another hot mess for ya.

Word from the hot messenger...out in the I'm back on earth..I'm on the highway...I looked at where the signs pointed.

The apparatus is stressing know they've got a mess for'll end up on a slippery ice's gonna take a miracle like Deniece Williams..some almost lost their mind! others are mad..said they weren't anointed.

Check the status...others are disappointed...meanwhile I appointed myself to be the mixmaster and the scribe.

Authorities check the's easy to get mixed up in a negative vibe.

Territories were claimed by my tribe... but lost due foreclosures.. to technicalities.

I'm telling about characters that get defamed or assassinated...some are looking for closure...but officials call technical fouls on me.

Other characters and role players are blamed.. all up in the in the game..nobody was shamed...prosecutors elaborated.

Truth or daring us?...making an ass out of themselves...truth game played but these brothas collaborated.

But in the spot....ruthless games are played....bombs explode in the Swat Valley.. automatic weaponry is aimed..Swat teams rushed the alley..guns clapped in urban badlands.

Gamblers were out for a fast buck....some players were dealt bad hands.

Maybe somebody understands this Hot Message..similar to science dropped by the Wu-Tang Clan..

A hater will say it's just a Hot Mess..not understanding the process..The Message Is In The Music man!!!

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