Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sick With It...Slick With It...Or Vice Versa

..........lets getaway...let's leave today..

Damn here we go a point I didn't want to reach.

Listening to Earth Wind and Fire...Getaway....let's leave today..on the hooptie the tires will screech.

In an old Buick are Nu-Nile or Murray's Pomade.

What it do? what it does? check the behavior...some are sick with it..slick with it..please...can't be at ease.. get hit up in more ways than are played.

Masquerade by George Benson is heard in the's all game...referred to in the Chronicles.

It don't don't stop...but funk is played by O-Dog....some will run for cover...the response to these and those.

What's up with these and those?...the devil will oppose..some haven't Stopped Hatin...sweating the technique like the lodge..

Laws were passed....meanwhile the funk will blast in the some try to get the hell out of Dodge..

Whose getting crunk in the Smoke and Fog..enhanced by mirrors off of shiny buildings.

Here in Atlanta...if your collateral they'll damage ya..with social engineering.

Mechanical engineering is used to steer the mothership down I-85 on a Saturday morning...listening to Youngblood on Kiss -104.

Or maybe out into another galaxy..what it do? maybe I can take a taxi...hooptie want ride that far..

Otherwise...I'm Transmitting Live...spotted teams running up the score.

Spotted the wise and the otherwise..Sick With It..Slick With swine flu...with no vaccine..when they came through the door...marching.

Like high school bands under Friday Night lights..who can stand the natural light? the earth is scorching.

Hit up by the sun..Everybody loves the sunshine...word from Roy Ayers....but son was planning the Earth Wind and Fire getaways...he's rolling out.

Winds of change are blowing for some...the shot clock will expire.. couldn't run a others had sold out..

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