Thursday, October 15, 2009


.........trying to tell me how the funk should go...

Structures are dysfunctional...leaders were found to be incompetent.

Corrupt ones try to tell me how the funk should go...sweating the technique like the lodge... we went for what we the hell out of Dodge...check out how funky the sound will get.

Awkward interuptions mess with the flow..recognize the pattern.

What are the dimensions and color schemes? maybe having rings like Saturn.

Rack and pinion steering.....shocks on the suspension of the hooptie.... what will the scoop be? another is back in love again.

Like Jeffery Osbourne... once again it's or mechanical engineering? some push and shove again.

Loathing and fearing in hoops? can't get position under the basket to rebound.

O-Dog is steering the Mothership with drum loops, cuts, and samples.. check the sound.

A brotha gets spatial... intergalactic ...out beyond the International Space reaction to this and that..I get down.

Might relate to you...if your not a fanatic...I can see how you put it down.

Might relate to you.... caught up in an unpleasant situation.. where's the fast forward button?

Might relate to you..unless you love the status quo..a punishment glutton.

Might relate to you.... but I ask what it do? what's up player?

As we skate through..fighting the structure like a hockey player.

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