Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kicked To The Curb?

.........playing a brotha like Gus or Herb..............

Was a brotha kicked to the curb? not the one they'll this point...if I was?.. it doesn't even matter.

Observing the scene..haters try to play me like Herb..waffle head Fred...I keep doing what I do....staying on point..I collect thoughts that try to scatter.

Climbing Jacobs Ladder or a Louisville one ....not acting brand new with one..Intergalactic...back with it..refusing to come undone.

Getting radical for ya..that's what's up...that's the deal....O-Dog has the drum for ya..acting random...but it's the real we continue to deal with one.

One whose getting all fanatical with ya..they deal one a bad hand to play in this game.

Trying to get mathematical with ya...they're just gamblers out for a fast buck in the game.

Word from Ms. Peters..from back in the day....said you can't trust to luck in the game.

Haters will try to delete your file....after satelites kept track of Typhoon they've got another storm for ya..knowing your down to your last buck in the game.

Checked the news....shame shame shame like that great philosopher Gomer Pyle said..a brotha will catch the blame....somebody has to be the scapegoat.

What it do? haters try to sweat your homies style!!! O-Dog will take a beat and a quote.

Take a vote... now whose checking for a brotha? little homie said I was played like Chicago...The Olympics...kicked to the curb.

Quiet is kept like a true gangster...but haters try to play me like Gus or Herb.

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