Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coaching Like Phil Jackson...

.............once again it's on...............

Veteran in the coaching....accusations met...the game?..said I forgot how to play it.

Whose spitting game? talking a good game? they say I forget how to say it.

"Ain't that a shame"..naysayers say it..sounding like a politician.

"It ain't all game".. naysayers say it..but a brotha knew they were lying.

They kept trying to play this veteran...whose now's a new told them winds of change are blowing..told them I seen it heard it or done it.

Throughout it all? while haters are stressing us..God is blessing us.. that's who I stay on the one with.

Otherwise? usually rolling solo..or running with the alter egos...O-Zone or O-Dog.

One step ahead of stormtroopers:rolling up like the Taliban:looking for altered negroes..lost in the enhanced Smoke and Fog.

Mental and physical fitness enhanced...I jog around the galaxy like Darpa...listening to an Intergalactic track from O-Dog

Out there in the stream of consciousness..rolling in a Camry or a Cut-Dog...

Bear witness to this Captain's log....history can repeat itself..memories I jog...breakbeat science is in full effect.

But this is not Scientology...this is Mechanical Engineering..high and low technology for those that gawk at respect.

The Babylon wilderness is's's like off the coast of Somalia..but we've got that funk for ya...using the big bang theory.. but no hadron colliders to check.

We're freedom riders..blasting rockets off into the respect..but I doubt if Babylon's agents will.

Especially down here in Atlanta...the so called promise land..where vagrants chill.

They know the real deal..actually others know how they feel...not a damn thing has changed.

Some are now self medicating...after their lives were rearranged.

Beats banged on The O-Dog Podcast as he blasts house, funk, hip-hop and disco.

Streets are rearranged..whose on the block? stash houses from A-Town to Frisco.

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