Monday, October 5, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest

..........we did it like this...we did it like that.........

Cursing one minute....praying the next's a conflict of interest.

Conflicts like Jerusalem..but I'm in it win it..realizing there's no victory unless God blessed it.

It wasn't odd that a hater stressed it..spinning it...please.. they're just doing their job.

Part of their job description...said they're on a mission..IEDs and grenades they'll lob.

Hood thing...Shorty pimp fit the description....he's known as "pimp juice" in the hood...ask him what's good? he'll ask you how high? like Method Man..

Dude came through with Stacy Adams shoes, linen slacks and the silk shirt...he was the man...

His big homie was called Pimping Ken said they would win...what it do?..dipped with the cash like Jon Gosselin..taking it to the bridge like Maceo Parker...but they said it wouldn't hurt.

Said it wouldn't hurt nobody to get on Brick...from down here in Atlanta..but it didn't work..

What it do?....act like you's easy to get's easy to take a fall down here in Atlanta...

What it do? It's A Conflict Of Interest..a debatable circumstance..being built or torn down here in Atlanta?

What's up? O-Dog will try to work your body with the disco inferno.....following James Brown's instructions given to Maceo... we make it funky...

Smoke and Fog enhanced by mirrors..horrors and terrors...irrational fears..even David Letterman can't make it funny..

Meanwhile...creatures of habit try to kick it....located the source of danger.

The style featured in the hooptie? jazz fusion from Ronnie Laws... of course its Friends and Strangers.

Martial law is enforced in the Babylon forest by rangers with so called power.

What was it that the marshall saw? brought up to speed by informants at the last hour.

Conflict of interest... during the inclement weather.. during the last shower? it had me cursing and praying.

What's up with this? old girl told this player from the Himalayas that things will thaw out..keep on playing.

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