Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues; But We Kept It Moving...Its Gotta Be Good!!

The saga / struggle we keep it moving..its gotta be good! 

A brotha had to hit the reset button...I put it on default settings ...Louisville / Newburg is the mode...its gotta be hood!

 But some aren't punishment gluttons..they didn't merge with the apparatus like Stephen in Django Unchained..they couldn't take they're caught up in the system / matrix because some fake it; the Deliberate Falsehood was perpetrated! 

Hell is caught!! whose down for the cause? some flipped out like Boston marathon bombers..but a brotha maintained; but I see Elaborate Fantasies were built; now I heard some were hated! 

Who will understand these clearance rack epiphanies?  its like the wrong answers shaded on the scan sheets! 

The wrong dancers were posted up at the disco inferno...not Soul Train style or like the electric slide..

Its all wrong!! Capricorn, Cancers and Aries front on us due to the Uranus Pluto Square...please!! there's no where to run or hide.. 

The answer was right in front of us!! but whose fair with that and these?  all some understand are the streets! 

Alt / shift / delete is the system's missions;  making impressions? some are waiting in the dark on standby! 

Some feel the Heat like Miami;  Lebron and D Wade and them;  the system played them!!  some believed the damn lie! 

Damn!! is this what it sounds like when doves cry per Prince? 

Jokers are either being built or torn down during the debatable circumstance!

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