Sunday, May 19, 2013

Caught Up / The Quiet Before The Storm PT.5

They were looking at me kinda crazy like the Beyonce song; it was the quiet before the storm...but I was carrying an umbrella!

....Not like Rihanna talked about;  your behind will get gaffled by a joker that stalked about; whose acting false in the hood? a wannabe goodfella?

In the ATL? Those that bring the drama stalked about; whats up? now The Deliberate Falsehood will fail ya..purposely;  now your caught out in the storm! 

Whats good? everything was quiet..perfect weather...sunshine like Roy Ayers..70 degreeish; now the temperature dipped into the 50s;  a joker had on short sleeves and khaki shorts..but kind of special not the norm! 

Some are caught up...acting squemish...I felt the pressure!!  jokers were pointing fingers like Mitch McConnell and the Republicans; but I wasn't going to take it;  I kept it moving! 

Jokers wanted us to fail...they modified pressure cookers and crockpots;  damn!! what were they proving? 

May Day! May Day!  like in Seattle!! ok!! were a few days late..but that vibe will be with us for a while! 

How did some play as they holla at a bruh? like North Korea they might even fire a missile...these jokers are foul! 

But I can read them like a book or kindle; peeped the style, swag, or steelo like I was Al Roker! 

.....forecasting the weather as the storm approaches...oh its quiet now!!..but its going to be rough for a foul joker! 

Some go forth blasting!! tripping out like Republicans trying to make IRS and Benghazi big issues...they even dialed a so called power broker like Karl Rove so they could work the hostile takeover!

But were rocking that blue collar style!! a man's work is never over!!  as we build a shelter from the storm! 

But good help is hard to kind!! one's style was helter skelter;  they were real special!! they weren't the norm!

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