Saturday, May 25, 2013

Conversations With The Wind PT.2

They said the answer my friend was blowing in the wind like the Bob Dylan  pop song! 

Sometimes anger was shown per E4 or E5 winds  like Moore Oklahoma per Tornado Alley..whatcha know about a bro?  I usually kept it moving..dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..didn't stay in the spot long! 

The stranger fronted on a brotha...tried to get foul with I was smoked out like the Toronto mayor Rob Ford ....said I'm not strong!! but then he accepted more a typical glutton!

The danger zone is vacated based on conversations with the wind aka intuition..I'm not on one accord with hells kitchen diet is free of gluten! the fresh view / fresh vision gave me another perspective! 

Now others act brand new all up in the spot..they tried to sweat me like MI5 recruiting Michael Adebolajo...I was disrespected! 

These brothas are flexible!!  analog or digital...high and low technical!!  no need for the geek squad!

Whatcha know?  Whodini told you the freaks come out at night!! its no odd! 

Outback Chronicle type of episodes!!  I'm outside breathing God's breath! 

Gangsta Chronicles reveal how gamblers out for a fast buck pollute the air;  leading to an early death! 

Trying to catch a breath of fresh air as I go there!! I'm not waiting to exhale!

 A fresh batch of funk or breakbeats from O-Dizzle rebukes those hating; check the Sonic Assault..we refuse to fail!

Conversations with the wind caste a spell; secret knowledge is revealed! 

Especially when we can get peace to be still..this brotha chilled!

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