Monday, May 6, 2013

Damn!! Its All Wrong

We pressed the wrong the limo on fire like in Cali?  we're off to a bad start..we went up instead of down!

Some stressed;  they ran off old dude with the bad heart...they frightened the friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Robel Phillipos..but I'm the wrong instead they back down! 

Blessed...dipped down I-85 in I'm back down in the ATL / one time I was like the Jeffersons on the East Side!

Satellites / drones  track us down; we're spotted on security cameras!! its not all good!! famine or how will you ride? 

Fighting the beast and his Deliberate Falsehood...the saga / struggle continues..but we find a portal to slide through! 

No justice no peace is the cliche;  capers pulled?  they said its all wrong!! nobody will hide you! 

Whats up with us?  the music will play..hook lines and our own beats for the street funk;  bumping in the hooptie as we ride through the streets of Atlanta!

Whats up with us?  crooks were humping like the middle of the week...because society didn't understand a bruh! 

Jokers were Donald Trumping per Jon Stewart...fronting..Facebook and Twitter status reflecting the strategy?  some say its all wrong! 

Some face the drama..even some that are shook!! but in the midst of the Total Chaos and confusion?  were all strong!

I didn't stay on the call long...I hung up..not taking a loss..not losing focus during sales pitches by the bogus...

Damn!! its all wrong...bogus merchandise was rung at the service desk...check these clearance rack epiphanies..its our approach to this...


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