Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ten Steps Ahead

Damn I was wondering? I took a break / hiatus...asking myself;  should I slow down? face the storm like Assad in Syria?  it seems I'm ten steps ahead! 

Check this good word I bring..."four five sixing it" ....dropping mathematics to rebuke the mass hysteria.....but I was out of sync with the rest of them; even though God continued to blessed them!! word from the dread! 

Others were looking for a good thing...$600 million Powerballs? ...but the structure easily brink of disaster type of business is avoided; damn!! I could see it coming!

Its gotta be a good thing / even a hood my black Nike Air Maxes I walked faster!!  like I was in Chicago style cold weather!! a joker said got lonely out there but we kept on running! 

O-Dizzle kept on funky North Korea  firing missiles;  at the end of the day this is what it is! 

The reign began with a drizzle; now  check this good word from O-Zone; he took Teena Marie's advice;  he's handling Square Biz! 

....But not L-7 square with this per Rick James;  I'm hip to these games! 

A veteran now coaching like Doc Rivers; this is the good word from a Louisville bruh who knows what the deal is!!  I'm hip to these games! 

Wondering about myself;  a bruh blames it on the Louisville / Newburg upbringing;  so I cut myself some slack!

Wandering around..chilling..took a hiatus...but now I'm back...

Wandering around the universe like the Mars Rover Opportunity;  ten steps ahead keeping it real I didn't merge with infidels!

Heard them pray and curse at the same time!! revoking a bruh's Diplomatic Immunity?  they're hoping that a bruh fails!

 .....As the mothership sails through the universe;  like Hezbollah rolling up on Aleppo..every now and then were touching down on earth! 

A bruh gets scientific;  analyzing the raw data..staying ten steps ahead!! knowing what its all worth!

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