Monday, May 27, 2013

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.4

So whats up? electronic thoughts are transferred..once scattered like Waffle House hash browns!

Now collected at random...before authorities select us at random like terror suspects in Great Britain; that's how they get down! 

Sites were selected and shut down because jokers at Blogster weren't feeling this! 

They were Mamby Pamby / Disney World residents!! an Elaborate Fantasy...not accustomed to how real this is! 

Understand me..a rusty one won't know what the deal is after the mainframe was hacked! 

We maintained...but there was a malfunction at the junction!! plus some didn't know about humping or putting work in; those jokers slacked! 

Those jokers that macked?  actually tricked because they said they had it! 

Those jokers that tracked our moves? they sweated the technique like Republicans on Obama in Benghazi;  slick!! they were bad with it!

Some are sad with it!! no closure or souls are corrupted after foreclosures! 

We just had to collect these scattered thoughts like banks collecting house keys after foreclosures!

Now check out the electronic transfer through this blog..but the devil will oppose egos get bruised or battered! 

Check out these next level random thoughts that were once scattered!

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