Thursday, May 9, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.5

The blind was spotted leading the blind!! like Republicans trying to manufacture a scandal in Benghazi...but I knew that's how they would do! 

 The mind was a terrible thing to waste per Negro College Fund commercials;  so act like you knew! 

Horror and terror was that thing in the world today!! even that dude Ariel Castro hid women for ten years!! damn!!  meanwhile Miami residents say Fidel Castro terrorized Cuba for years; I don't know..was it the embargo? Jay Z and Beyonce made the trip..a Negro had to acknowledge that! 

How will they work those? please!!  the devil will oppose per the old school baptist I try to reach ya!! on the mothership?  I get good mileage with that! 

Bearing witness as jokers get foul with that!! ATLiens?  over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur they called themselves hustling and playing!

Bearing witness as stock brokers manipulate things so certain folk can stay paid!! or cybercriminals hittting up RakBank in the UAE; ....thrills without the bills?  but I wasn't paying or playing!

I wasn't playing with them jack!!  plus I wasn't praying with them ...something was wrong with their spirit! 

Please!!  jackers were laying for them! strong arm muscling!! they'll have to deal with it!

 I'm letting them do what they do....I try to stay real with it; real like the ring of fire Solar Eclipse...that's the deal with this.. I wasn't caught up in the Elaborate Fantasy! 

Refusing to be caught up in the system / matrix as jokers fake it;   ....soon some are flipping out!!  but somebody just might understand me!

Confusing the masses leading to the Total Chaos? that seemed to be business as usual..

Winning? losing? classes are in session...its can't fake and floss...act like you knew.. 

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