Friday, May 24, 2013

Vanity Plates On The Caddie Fleetwood Brougham

Riding through Decatur Georgia;  noticed the vanity plates on the front of the Caddie Fleetwood Brougham! 

They said blessed and highly favored!! drama?  it can be on any front..from Syria  to attacks in London...from the church the streets in the hood;  to corporate corridors; so whatcha know man?

 How are we responding? O-Dizzle blessed the masses with the street funk; no slow jam ...check out the Sonic Assault! 

Whats the dizzle?  this is word from a wounded the healing process is ongoing...please!! hell was caught! 

But staying one to ten steps ahead..boisterous like Wolfman Jack; ...refusing to be caught up in the system / matrix!

...A force like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine..after observing the scene ...I spotted those that fake it! 

The sales pitch was like Wolfman and Donna for Gallery did they respond to a brotha? said they were champions like Jack Nicholson's LA Lakers..but like Minnesota Timberwolves they fake it!

 Even though the Lakers fell off...please!! its easy to fail off in this piece!! wolves in sheep's clothing fake it! 

But I couldn't take it!! especially after being in the amen corner! 

Please!! I'm blessed and highly favored like vanity license plates on the Caddie Fleetwood that cut the corner!

O-Zone blessed the masses with this street flavored prose..based on hanging out on blocks up in Louisville / Newburg....

Danger zone dramatics stressed...the devil opposed..but I hit the reset I'm back on default settings...aware that history is repeating...with the apparatus? I didn't merge..

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