Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Change Of Scenery

Changed the scenery up a little bit; dipping down I-85 in Charlotte; as I proceed and continue...I had to dip out of town! 

Whats the deally?  after arriving I circled the block in the hooptie;  trying to see how these other folks get down! 

As they get down.....big ups to Old School 105.3 in the Queen they get down on it like Kool and The Gang....made me forget about negative episodes in the ATL.. Carolina Cruising..with visions of winning not losing...but the apparatus?  the evil opponent aka the arch nemesis was running it!! the attitude is Strange like Cameo mentioned but I don't like it! they wanted us to fail..

Out there!!  whats  up with it? I was sighted by somebody peeping the swag / steelo! 

Out there!! whats up with it? as I transcend and transform.. enlightened by the change of scenery; now trying to pass it on..some actually think O-Zone is a fly Negro! 

Out there!! dipped down I-85 in Charlotte...I checked the scenario;  on the other side of the fence is artificial / astro turf! 

Out there!! banks and other crooks have their shiny buildings like Atlanta...jokers who were creating the ongoing Total Chaos that makes this art official!!  for what its worth!

 Out there!! thanks given to the Lord for blessing us...but from the looks on the other side of town the saga / struggle continues...calculate the victories and defeats...

Out there!! its rough like Israel bombing Damascus..bearing witness..ask we cruise down West Boulevard...Tryon and Graham streets..

Damn!! alt shift delete is the programmer's / architect 's mission like on the Matrix Reloaded.. 

Damn!! some feel the heat like Miami..they flipped out...especially when the information overloaded...

But I knew how the mode would get...I dipped out on them...cruising down I-85 in Greenville / Spartanburg...listening to 107.3 Jamz...DJ Swann and Lil Swann were going off!!

Transmitting Live...its real when I'm observing the scene..soon ready to roll...I'm on my way...going off.. on another adventure...the change of scenery was beneficial;  it gave me a different perspective! 

DJ O-Dizzle has been official!!  dropping this breakbeat science;  while O-Zone has a breakbeat scientific perspective!

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