Saturday, May 11, 2013

For Real Though

So whats up?  I can see jokers are trying to play me the other way;  like the IRS vs The Tea an old school rapper I'm asking..whats the deally yo? 

So whats up?  just doing me / no role will I play..please!!  looking like an old fool..for real though! 

Its easy to be corrupted!! like people hooked on payday old or new tool will be used..I call them weapons of mass distraction! 

.....Unlike George Bush's weapons of mass by Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice during the interaction!

Now history is gets a clean coat of paint as presidential libraries are built! 

Checked history;  gangster white walls and TV antennas were on the back of the Cadillac with the diamond in the back..cruising through inner city residentials;  after packages were flipped / contraband was dealt! 

Part of Iran-Contra deals..meanwhile O-Dizzle chills; others flipped out! 

Whats up man?  check out how a con will do ya!! during the chaos and mayhem?  a brotha slipped out! 

For real though!! then I came back and noticed all hell had broke loose!

 For real though!!  jokers were smoked out!!  plus gone off that Grey Goose! 

For real though!!  I'm trying to stay loose..but things tighten up like Archie Bell and the Drells! 

For real though!! when one chooses to take the assignment?  a naysayer hopes that one fails! 

For real though!! planets moving into Gemini are in alignment;  the mothership sails off into uncharted territories!

 For real though!!  the truth will be told when I tell these stories!

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