Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sounding Like A Broken Record (Its Shady Like Grady)

The whole game is shady like Grady!! but I hate to sound like a broken record! 

No shame in the game for one whose a fanatic!! they'll even call off peace talks like the Pakistani Taliban...they even tried to play me!! going all out!! they even think they broke a record!

My kind catch the blame out in the mainstream of mathematics!!   scapegoats?  somebody has to take the weight! 

....or so it was said; into the darkness? some are they're going to take the hate! 

Now they'll take a full slate like President AL-Assad in check the information overload!

Jokers acted a fool during the debate!! they even fronted like a hustler / player or even a drug overlord! 

...its  Shady like Grady!! Royal Carribean Grandeur of the Seas type of drama...some were even drug overboard by jokers they tried to kick off the boat! 

The game is Shady Like Grady!! with the Lord we stay on one accord!! we pass this breakbeat science on with a beat and a quote!

Out here in these streets? ...we tote a whole sack full of this good O-Dizzle has a track full of this brand new funk...

Out here in these streets..the apparatus will hold us back..whats the dizzle? they didn't want us to get crunk...

Like usual ATLiens..check the status..whats the dizzle? the whole game is shady...even out in the galaxy on Mars some are exposed to radiation..

Resident aliens holla at us after plans fizzle....Mohammad from Pakistan discussed US politics after drones disrupt the occasion..

Refugees and aliens migrate across borders from Syria to Nigeria..

Whats the deal with these? some still hate..the whole game is shady like Grady..but not homie from Sanford and Son..whats up son? whats the deal with ya?

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