Saturday, June 1, 2013

Authentic / The Real Deal...

So called experts and pundits gathered around!!  like economists dealing with sequesters and austerity...they're trying to confirm the authenticity!

Its gotta be good!! but you know how it works!! like protests in Turkey thought and fashion police monitor the situation....are we subject to the authority?

 Hostile territories representatives were a bunch of jive turkeys / lame ducks...they didn't pump pump brakes like Bendix!! even though that's what's needed! 

....holding up traffic like on I-285 in Atlanta!! rolling in hybrids with no pickup!! Toyota Prius and Nissan Versa? true indeed kid! 

A fanatic gets all the way live in Atlanta!! so whats up? the priors prevent job prospects!! who will work with ya and vice versa?

Bad traffic and bad drivers lower my prospects; I stay in my lane; its seems nobody will work with a bruh! 

Had the mathematics / the real deal;  but some were bad with numbers! 

The authentic is messing them up!!..Elaborate Fantasies had them mesmerized!! its hard for them to get on the one with us! 

Not too many run with us over here in Decatur Georgia!! they were real authentic / monkey ass jokers;  they paid the full price!! damn!!  these clearance rack epiphanies would have helped! 

Soon they get whats coming to them!!  the real deal / authentic!!  this breakbeat science would have helped!

A fanatic helped themselves to the meal prepared in hells kitchen that lacked nutrition...

The authentic / all natural ingredients were used by us..based on a fresh view vision...



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