Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Observing The Scene / Peeping Game / Doing The Knowledge

Doing the knowledge / peeping game; observations were made like Ralph Nader saying corporations run the country....damn!! the picture is far from perfect! 

But were blue collar style...we work through these situations ...O-Zone has this scripture / O-Dizzle has the sonic mixture; this is how we work it!

......after observing the scene;  I told "shawty"  down here in the ATL adjustments had to be made! 

Like at the Metro Mart in the ATL after it was raided....I still follow the Public Enemy philosophy; you can't truss it!!  please!! its easy to get played! 

Old girl over in Decatur said you better get "prayed up"  so the blessings will continue to flow! 

Drama will occur; its like an El Reno tornado...during the storm I spotted the hater...whose really down for the cause?  please!!  they're down with the status quo! 

The quid pro quo philosophy was followed!!! so called players were skinning and grinning! 

.....Out there in the grey area / the smoke and mirrors!!  like jokers in the Smoky Mountains with banjos!! picking and grinning! 

Way way out there!!  a bruh is observing the scene;  soon ready to roll!! but not in an early model Jeep Grand Cherokee...please!!  a bruh goes for what he knows!! winning is the main objective! 

Who got played out there?  they mortgaged their soul!! soon dealing with the foreclosure; not what they expected! 

I knew what to expect from it after observing the scene; but now I'm ready to roll I'm..on my way! 

I knew there would be no respect from the apparatus!!  that's not how they will play!


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