Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Ambush PT.3 ...Caught Out There

Methods were high and low technical... but we were still ambushed! 

Disrespected after somebody lied!! the Deliberate Falsehood!!  now the spot was bum rushed! 

Disrespected!! jokers were acting false in the hood.....they bum rushed the show ....taking Public Enemy's advice! 

O-Dizzle still cold crushed them based on being public enemy number one; most brothas are...along with  Muslims / Arabs... it ain't nothing nice! 

Now some will think twice like the Donald Byrd song! 

Now some see I'm knocking down the shots like Otis Birdsong!

All up in these spots!! O-Dog is not rocking? somebody is wrong!! they've got the story twisted! 

All up in the spot!! its summertime in the ATL!!  jokers want us to fail...they play it like a family reunion;  the drama is visited! 

....and revisited; but I had the gist of it..the saga / struggle continues! 

As we repel the ambush!! this good word and brand new funk is on these menus!

Others menus included that dry kush per Usain Bolt;  or bath salts and synthetic marijuana! 

Others lie like George Bush!!  they'll neither confirm or deny; or ask for resignations like Eric Holder! 

We cold crush the opposition per that Louisville / Muhammad Ali style; were bolder than the average! 

Down in Decatur Georgia with Mohammad from Pakistan discussing politics and drone hits; check the ambush..who has the leverage?

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