Monday, June 17, 2013

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT.2

I saw what went down....maybe Edward Snowden will tell you no justice no peace was a catch phrase or cliche that comes to mind! 

Whats up with us?  trying to get open like Danny Green guarded by Lebron?  swagger jacking Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson while catching Gemini sun rays / soon catching Cancer sun rays at the Summer Soltice; oh yeah I'm doing fine! 

....about as well as can be expected!! the good word and brand new funk is perfected!! heart, spirit, mind and soul in this...a mind is a terrible thing to waste! 

...per Negro College Fund commercials; as we work that cliche or catch phrase! 

Negro please!!  check out how we work these and those!! there's a time and place for everything! 

Everybody wasn't ready / everybody ain't able per old girl up in Louisville!! plus you can catch a case for anything!

That's per shawty in the ATL!!  posted up behind the scenes!! even confirmed by Montreal's mayor Michael Appelbaum; everything is not what it seems!

 Don't start with me!! I'm not the one!! the picture is large / study the mathematics out in mainstreams!

 Don't start with me!! like Obama vs Putin...don't start none won't be none! 

Another cliche or catch phrase?  please!! dedicated to the truth...not disputing it..I'm not done!

The brotha O-Dizzle will play the funk...its considered hazardous material..

So whats the dizzle? this is real..what we have is spiritual..

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