Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Steps Ahead PT. 3 / But Behind Schedule...

I had to admit;  like peace in the Middle East per Egypt...I'm behind schedule..but I'm still ten steps ahead! 

Wasn't with the status quo; some are still waiting in the dark after being misled!

Some holla at us;  I heard what was!! played like George Zimmer at Men's Wearhouse?  quid pro quo was the format! 

Some throw a dollar at us!! like that will make things right!! while George Zimmerman types roam the frontier..others get stepped on like a door mat! 

This scholar is back with this!! I floored that pedal to the metal in the hooptie! 

Carrying a sword or machete in the Babylon wilderness;  you can find me where the truth will be! 

...or find me where the proof will be; that the saga / struggle continues! 

But don't mind me; even though arrogant and aloof was the prognosis...but not as bad as Aaron Hernandez; so like I told "shawty" down here in the ATL;  the saga / struggle continues! 

Raising the roof with this brand new funk; after the mothership landed! 

Playing the roof,  basement, or backyard; out on the deck..check the chronicles...I  moved on to the next;  refusing to be left stranded! 

...found a portal to slide through; dipped with reckless abandon ...staying ten steps ahead! 

Knowing how the sport will do; traded like Garnett and Pierce?  the game is a beast / had me behind schedule;  deep waters I tread! Pops once said up in Louisville / Newburg;  I'm on those default settings! 

A bruh never quits and never stops;  bearing witness to history repeating!

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