Sunday, June 2, 2013

Change Of Scenery PT.2 Dipping On Them..

I can see how they were trying to act; playing me like Eric Holder;   so I was dipping on them!

I needed a change of scenery / some were acting brand new with me;  they said I was acting bolder...I was tripping on them! 

Others were flipping out on Hezbollah in Syria..whose bringing the Total Chaos and confusion?

I wasn't trying to live that kind of life;  it was a set up for me to take a loss!! please but like Louisville Cardinals I'm not about losing! 

Back in the day? up in Louisville..I was cruising down Broadway in the Buick Regal with the gangsters and pimps; was it guilt by association? 

Whats the deal? Wall Street, government agencies,  plus G8 and G20 act funny with the money!!  did Republicans win in the sequestration? there will be no appropriation! 

Whose on yawl's street acting inappropriate in the situations?  now like in Albany Georgia State Police use the pit maneuver! 

...Vehicles clipping ya!!  rights and privileges?  they're stripping from ya!! they said y'all was ghetto / street!! plus opiates and barbiturates enhanced the situation; doing what behooves ya!

 Act like you knew a bruh!!  I was dipping on them!! I needed a change of scenery! 

Act like you knew a bruh!!  but I don't know...these  jokers just act brand new with me!

Whats up with ya? society is tripping on them...then the brand new me will really throw them off..

Whats up with ya? they ask me...they saw me dipping on them..I needed a change of scenery..but O-Dizzle is still getting busy...going off!! 

We Kept On Running...Even Though It Got Lonely Out There..


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