Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doing The Knowledge / But Thats Business As Usual

This is business as usual...I took a break for a minute..but I wasn't frustrated like Edward Snowden...I did the knowledge;  so now I keep it moving! 

....had to acknowledge; good things usually happen that way!! so check out how we play...O-Zone has this good word and O-Dizzle will keep grooving!

The mothership gets good mileage!!  from Louisville / Newburg to The ATL or Charlotte / Mecklenburg! 

From Pluto to Mars;  now down back to earth..from Jam Rock aka Jamaica to Johannesburg! 

To even Pretoria..hoping Nelson Mandela feels better...whatcha know?  scars undergo the healing process..a brand new me will emerge!! these earthlings are in trouble now!

But you know the story bro!! haters raise bars and put up glass ceilings for me to burst through; these earthlings are in trouble now! 

Shady dealings like the NSA Prism program?  I had to pray and curse through!! but blessed double for the trouble!! even though I had to sacrifice! 

I kept it moving!! even though I felt the pressure...feelings and emotions tried to get in the way.."it ain't nothing nice"

Doing the knowledge....checked out the ongoing Reign Of Terror; maybe some will think twice  like the Donald Byrd joint!! but the sideways glances I received told the real story! 

I kept it moving / low key with it; please!! I was hip to the debatable circumstance;  being built or torn down? check out how its going heard?  I wasn't about the fame and glory! 

But its business as usual; we're still doing the knowledge..please!! characters get defamed in the story!! that's why I'm not all up in it!

I kept it moving...perpetual motion like I mentioned at my other site...but that's business as usual;  were in it to win it!

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