Sunday, June 9, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.7

OK!! I can see how this is going down; like the NSA Prism program...whatcha know man?  jokers were acting brand new! 

How did they play? I can see how they're living..I told them I'll see them when I see them; I'm letting them do what they do! 

Acting like I knew; like Boston Bruins I'm moving on to the next chapter with a fresh view / fresh vision! 

Other jokers were bombing like Boston Marathons..I smell something burning; I hope its not how you living?

Pass or fail?  its always something..lessons when I lost some battles? learning that knowledge is power! 

....per the cliche /catch phrase... check out how we we exercise power! 

Plus supreme courage and maximum strength is needed; is this word to Syrian rebels?  last minute or hour heroics only work in the movies at the Mall Cinema! 

A hater will try to Trayvon Martin was at fault instead of George Zimmerman....whats up man? ....some are acting ugly...but a bruh keeps it moving...others seem to lack stamina..

Supreme mathematics encouraged me to move forward;  after I got the grasp of things! 

Mainstream mathematics won't qualify man for sanctification!!  even though they thought they had a grasp on things!

 It seems these fanatics get thrills without the bills when total chaos and confusion reigns!

 It began with a check the reign of terror...but O-Zone /  O-Dizzle maintains! 

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