Saturday, June 8, 2013

Catch Phrases and Cliches

As we proceed and continue..check out this raw data...I'm  just using these catch phrases and cliches! 

True indeed!!  check the menu from Soul's Kitchen....its activated by Gemini Sun Rays! the New Moon in the sun will soon slide over to Cancer with Mercury and Venus...check out what the deal we move with a high velocity with the speed you need; this son of God prays!! thats how I make it! 

Soon grooving!! check the dancer!! tuning in to this mothership type funk; we didn't fake it! 

We didnt take it!! the Lord must be with us because we pray! 

We didnt take it!! check the cliche..thats why we let the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

 But we noticed the hustlers prey on the weak!!  like Indiana was out muscling the Miami Heat!

Now the Heat are beat up by San know how it go!! but its not just grey area scenarios going down out in the street!

From Wall Street to the streets of Santa Monica; how ill they respond to a bruh? no justice no peace is the cliche;  as alt shift delete is the strategy used by the apparatus! 

....its just us strung out!!  some are bitter!! no need to check Twitter or Facebook for the status! 

The NSA is already doing that...act like you knew that!! hung out to dry is the cliche or catch phrase!!  a crook will try to play you out! 

The hung jury believed the damn lie!!  but the prosecution will try to lay you out! 

....on gurneys, electric chairs or whatever;  from old girl in Decatur? prayed up or prayed out is the catch phrase! 

Attorneys develop the nexy cliche; if it doesn't fit you must acquit?  relevant to these times an days?

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