Wednesday, June 26, 2013

They Weren't Checking For Me / Standing Alone Against The World

They weren't checking for me like they are Edward Snowden..but that could be a good thing!

I was way way out there for a minute!! but like Paula Deen I'm back on default settings; those observing the scene will see this is a hood thing! its not a knock on wood thing;  God is blessing us. 

Its Gotta Be A Good Thing!!.....but like the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act were knowing the apparatus is knocking hustles when we do the damn thing!! its not odd their stressing us! 

The faculty and staff of the school of hard knocks was testing us; damn!  it seems like were standing alone against the world! 

They get foul with me..check the ongoing reign of terror..they knew I had this math..knowing the golden rule was null and void!! now hearts are broken!!..meanwhile O-Dizzle rocks in response to it; especially after the drama unfurled! 

Whats the dizzle?  rocks were hurled at a brotha like it was the Gaza Strip! 

...before they ran out of them...whats the dizzle? so called hard rocks "earled" the brown Kentucky liquor!! out of it!!  but the alcohol causes another brotha to flip! 

Plans fizzle for a brotha!! I even felt the pressure...I even had to dip back to the lab! 

Plans fizzle; but like the caper at Mayors in Lenox Mall others dip back to the lab after the world famous ATL smash and grab! 

Others coping strategies fail!! they're strung out...dipping back to rehab was the next move! 

Playing spades back in the day in the student center at U of L;  jokers said make your next move your best move! 

Ongoing charades fail to impress me; so I was on some other other!

I guess I'm standing alone against the world;  but after the drama unfurled they could see I was a funky type of soul brother!


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