Monday, June 10, 2013

More Chaos and Confusion / The Reign Of Terror

The reign of terror is ongoing...I was outraged by the destruction; the cloth was tattered....the fabric unraveled!

Smoke and mirror shows are ongoing..NSA Prism program was knowing; I was cut from a different cloth...check this math..I outraged by the corruption!! especially when the judge hit the gavel! 

....striking the bench; now they're after Edward Snowden...the apparatus is ready to lynch!! they even want to fire the Attorney General Eric Holder! 

Players were on strike!!  plus these old ATL players were in the news like Otis Nixon and Mookie nobody had game off the bench like Miami Heat!!...they couldn't get open!! a joker out in the street fronting was in a DEA folder! 

....out in the street?  I see some are picking.. they say they'll rock!! other major capers are pulled!

From Wall Street to yawl's street!! the weather got colder! but when some got older after papers are pulled! 

Jokers were out of order!! fooled by spirits trying to get familiar! 

Jokers were out of order!!  player papers pulled!!  found out they were a third wheeler!

Supposedly a wheeler dealer!! but just contributing to the chaos and confusion! 

The mission was impossible!! what?  that assignment they were choosing? 

They thought it was all gravy baby!! they were cruising like Smokey Robinson! 

Now caught up in the system / matrix;  found out the whole game is shady!! the robot from Lost In Space was saying Danger!! Danger Will Robinson! 

Check the grey area scenarios;  so many devils robbing and stealing ..on so many levels! 

Chaos and confusions reigns!! it began with a drizzle;  now its on so many levels!

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