Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Change Of Scenery / Dipping On Them PT4

I needed a change of I was dipping on them;  I had to keep it moving! 

True indeed!! going green will be the strategy for those all natural like Whole Foods;  so I "holla atcha" ..but I see old fools keep proving...

...that a mind is a terrible thing to waste per Negro College Fund commercials! 

Haste makes waste!! per catch phrases and we slow walk it down / we kept moving;  that'll work for these bros! 

O-Dizzle kept grooving;  was the sound hazard material?  see how everything will flow!! we made sure it all fits! 

The change of scenery was needed ...spots were scoped out by the mothership; like "shawty"  that was 5-2 in the Dodge Ram doesn't fit!

....or homie that was 6-2 in the Nissan Versa; damn!!  were trying to work with ya....but opposition is met! 

Were trying to act like we knew; but it was like James Brown they had us in a cold sweat! we get down; but like the mass hysteria in Syria this world is cold...history repeats...but we didn't stop or quit...even though it'll have you caught out there!

 That's why were dipping on them; we needed a change of scenery ...check out how we go there!

Who do you know out there? thought and fashion police ask me..they'll try to jam me up like Whitey Bulger...

But we continue to go there..trying to win game seven like the Miami Heat..told haters were not even trying to fool with ya... 

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